Pre-STARSkate Info and Prices

Pre StarSkate info and prices   (Printable version)

How to register

Pre-STARSkate is Centennial FSC’s learn-to-figure skate program. This program includes instruction in basic skating skills as well as jumps, spins and field moves (spirals etc). Pre-STARSkate is taught in group format (maximum of 6 skaters per group) with instruction by professional coaches. Skaters in this program will complete CanSkate Badges 5 and 6, then begin working on their Star 1 tests in Free Skate, Dance and Skills.

**Skaters working on Star 1 have the option of buying and extra hour.  Prices are on the information page or by request.

Pre-StarSkate A Fee

Pre-StarSkate B Fee



Membership Fee $ 50.00
Total  A $800.00

B $900.00




 PreStarSkate A 5:15-6:15 5:00-6:00
 PreStarSkate B 4:30-6:00 4:30-6:00
· Payment Plan A Payment in Full first day of class

Payment Plan B    

 PreStarSkate A 2 payments  of  $400.00

PreStarSkate B 2 payments of $450.00

Due: Sept. and Jan.

· Payment Plan C

PreStarSkate A 7 Monthly Payments of  $115.00

PreStarSkate B 7 Monthly Payments of $130.00

Due the 1st day of the month. 7 equal Payments Sept.—March



Membership Fee

A $50.00 membership fee is payable annually, and includes membership to the Centennial Figure Skating Club, Skate Alberta, and Skate Canada.

Appropriate Dress & Equipment

Pre-STARSkate skaters must wear figure skates and proper skating attire. For girls this consists of body suit and skating skirt, or skating dress and skating tights. Leggings may be worn, however they must be tight fitting on the legs/hips and allow for movement. For boys proper skating attire consists of track pants and warm fleece/sweatshirt. No baggy track suits, hooded sweatshirts, jeans, or shorts allowed. Remember: Keep Skating To Keep Warm. Helmets are not required. Guards must be worn off ice.

Recommended Skate Shops
United Cycle: 103 and 78 Ave. (Gateway Blvd)
Pro Skate: 16972-111 Ave or 9212-51 Ave
Bladz Castledowns Arena
Please sharpen skates only at these shops.
General Program Information

· Reserved Classes must  have payment plan information done before the first class

· Payment can be in Debit, Credit Card, cash or cheque

· Payment plan available

· Parents are requested to view lessons from the bleachers or lobby viewing area.  Parents are not permitted to view lessons from the players boxes as this disrupts the classes.

· If a registered skater is in any way disruptive during skating lessons, causing other skaters to be held back from a positive learning experience, the coach will discuss the concern with the skater/parent.  If the skater’s behaviour does not improve, the skater will be asked to withdraw from the class and a partial refund of registration fees will be given.

Refund Policies

  • There are no make-up classes
  • NFS cheques are subject to a $25.00 Fee
  • No refunds after the first day of classes (unless accompanied by a Doctors note)
  • The Skate Canada Fee is non-refundable
  • Classes will be pro-rated if you are starting after the first session